Published 7 WorkBooks

Author Lean Partners have publishing 7 Workbooks with the following title:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt  Vol 1 – Vol 2

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt  Vol 1 – Vol 5

Client Background

LEAN PARTNER… We are a Global Partner Solution provider of Lean Six Sigma and operational excellence related training and consulting for business success.

Lean Partner is a leading training provider for companies, individuals and corporate. Lean Partner provides consulting in the fields of Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, Transformation and Business Process Improvement.

Lean Partner delivers results by adopting Lean Six Sigma in an integrated and disciplined approach in reducing defects and producing measurable financial results and process efficiencies in any organization.


Skills Involved


  • Design
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Printing

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