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Better Than Normal

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I would like to thank Snappars Publishing for supporting me and doing a very goof job in publishing my book.
I think they have really done an Amazing job with my book.
I would really love to work with them in the future!
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Better Than Normal – by Hitesh Ramchandani, tackles the hard hitting issues facing sufferers of Cerebral Palsy on a daily basis and offers solutions and insights on how to dispel the stereotypes and overcome the hurdles encountered.

From a personal perspective, Hitesh provides the reader with an insightful and moving recollection of his challenges and the lessons he learnt, which has made him the stronger and more resilient person that he is today.

Hitesh highlights the lack of understanding and acceptance of Cerebral Palsy in our society and states ‘that it is only the perception of others that makes disabled people feel different’.

Although merely wanting to make a difference in others’ lives by narrating his stories, Hitesh’s private recount of his thought-provoking experiences, his stimulating adventures and his remarkable life’s journey are truly inspirational.

A provocative read, ’Better Than Normal’ demonstrates that even in the face of adversity, the opportunities to develop and succeed as a person are endless.

Those who are affected by Cerebral Palsy, their families, friends and carers will find this book moving and truly inspirational and those who wish to understand and learn more, will find this book invaluable as a starting point.

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