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Welcome to the Revolution of Hybrid Publishing

About Us

The history of Snappars Publishing’s success backs to the year 2001 when publishing industry marked a revolution. It made its renowned contribution as self publishing service provider in that authentic year. This creative and unique innovation declined the prominence of the Independent Book Publishing Industry.  Statics declares that during the period of 11 years (2001-2012), our self-published books have majorly outnumbered the books released by conventional publishing houses, reporting for plus 70% of 2012’s more than a million titles. This service gave voice to numerous authors and is gradually covering more and more authors under its surveillance.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to render outstanding publishing experience in order to give birth to a vividly imaginative book. We have termed this as ‘Authometric Motivation’ which includes continuous evaluation, adaption and development of our services based on the feedback of distinct authors. We are one stop solution for authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneur, and speakers all around the world through our innovative system.

Full Support Of Experts

Our biggest support is the huge team of authors associated with us. Snappar’s sole inspiration is positive belief in its authors. More than 10,000 authors from nearly 50 countries are associated with us who have made their dream come true thinking Snappars as their committed partner for publishing at every stage and step. Snappars Publishing is the residence for experts who guide authors to fulfil the requirements of their books.

Our Vision

Snappars vision is to make its valuable contribution to the world by publishing ideas and dreams of each individual in form of a book so that knowledge is shared at the global level. Our services start right from registration, across the world distribution, designing a webpage for online selling, layout designing etc. With the assistance of our professional experts, authors can publish book in numerous formats including paperback, electronic, leather-bound, iPad App format, hardcover etc.

Non-Exclusive Contract

To keep your faith bind in us we send you a printed, bound proof and electronic galley of each book so that you can give your last approval before final printing. We offer a non-exclusive contract where authors are free to sign in with conventional publishers or even sell their rights for films anytime.

Long Term Partnership

Snappars publishing has built a long term relation with all the clients whom it has served in the past and tends to do d same in the future. We transform your ideas in a book by uniquely entitling it so that it will be reprinted for the years to come, each serving its niche market, supported by active author promotions. Self publishing refers to your book never going out of print.

Our specialization